Power Africa Conference: Tanzania – energy reform

My commentary is based on information about the Power Africa Tanzania event, held in Dar Es Salaam a month ago, from Energy Net Ltd. The links to information about the event, the speakers and details about plans for Tanzania’s road to energy reform are displayed below.



I was delighted to see that a conference like this was taking place. Often times we hear about the large multi-national conferences, usually aimed at tackling more than one specific area of development. I think single themed conferences such as this one are significantly important.

The purpose of the event was aimed at  fixing Tanzania’s lack of reliable energy problem, which often deters possible business transactions in the nation. The plan for the energy reform is a call for strategy that involves investment funding where majority of it will be allocated for power generation. The investments will not only be used to create and promote new power projects but also, implement a task force that will enforce the progress of the energy roadmap, a management team that will manage the reform process, the assurance of an easy transition for old contractors when their contracts have expired and the

It is vital to understand the mutual relationship between development and business. It presents the balance between ideal and reality. The example of Tanzania’s call for energy reform highlights this quite well. These include;

– isolating a specific problem and designing a strategy or solution that is aimed to fix it.

– the solution itself is then broken down in several ways to be applied to the different aspects of the problem.

– allocating a specific known amount for the budget of the solution, this part of the balance is one of the most important because it makes the strategy realistic.

Events such as these are vital to the drive for developmental progress in African nations. Mainly because they provide a forum where a problem can be dissected into various parts that can be appropriately dealt with, because the most important aspect of a solution is how it can be perfected in a variety of roles. This provides the opportunity to developing higher quality solutions and strategies to our developmental issues.


2 thoughts on “Power Africa Conference: Tanzania – energy reform

  1. Coming back to the power situation in Nigeria. Going by the Power Conference as held in Tanzania, I think it
    is high time such a conference is done to equally help in formulating the right way to go in Nigeria’s quest for
    stable, reliable and cost effective energy sources. We keep pumping billions of naira and dollars and yet,
    stable and reliable power seems far away. Should we not stop wasting enormous money for a power sector
    that will never work in the face of these large number of businessmen in the power generator businesses?
    Should we or can we keep using generators rather than relying on power plants that will never live up?


    • Thank you Uncle Leke for the comment. I highly agree with you. In order for real and practical change to occur in our power sector, we have to find an economical compromise to ease the transition from generator supply to several reliable sources for electricity. I strongly believe that until a viable solution for that is in place, it will be hard to see any change in our power sector. We definitely need to have a conference where attendees with backgrounds in politics, economy, international development, financial investing and engineering can propose how we as a nation can move into a new age in terms of power generation, successfully.


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