Alternative energy development in Africa (Part 1)

Renewable sources of energy have been a popular topic of discussion in both, developed and developing nations. Ever since the issues surrounding global warming and climate change have been introduced in the recent decades, alternative resources of energy have been viewed, by the public and private sector as plausible replacements to the sometimes environmentally harmful fossil based resources. Specifically, in the African continent, there have been talk of renewable resources to be used to improve energy development. Like it is often said, “anything that is high reward is high risk.” 

I think it is very important that we understand the fact that the change needed to provide some millions of the African population with electricity, water and energy, will not occur overnight or even the next couple of decades. In order to make it possible, the problems that exist need to be understood in their whole entirety, because they are not one-dimensional, but rather multi-complex, often involving public and private sector areas of policy, law, politics, economics, business and scientific facts.





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